How To Be a Maker!
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The Newbie’s Guide To Be A Maker

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Quick Overview

Are you a newbie to the “maker” movement?  Get some help with this comprehensive beginner’s guide.

Download this guide – it will show you how to make cool, DIY Raspberry Pi, Arduino and other open-source projects.

Seven sections that try to guide new entrants into the maker world:

  1. Who is a Maker?
  2. Some DIY projects
  3. Beginner’s guide to Arduino
  4. Beginner’s guide to Raspberry Pi
  5. Arduino or Raspberry Pi: Which is better?
  6. Introduction to 3D Printer
  7. Future scope & technologies


  • Authors: Arvind Sanjeev and Nidhya V. Raj
  • 54 pages
  • PDF Format
  • Made available free by:




Product Description

Who is a Maker?

This section explains for whom the eBook was written for, the definition of a Maker. It motivates readers to do various projects and explains its advantages. It also explains various aspects of DIY (do-it-yourself), open source, different ways of posting to open source and other key information.

Some DIY Projects

This section comprises interesting Do It Yourself Projects for the readers to start building. These projects are provided with the YouTube links with a small summary on each page about it.

Beginner’s Guide to Arduino

This section starts with the basics of Arduino including technical details, pin assignment and many more. It also showcases step by step installation,working  and programming on the Arduino.

It also comes with a separate section for interfacing different sensors like LDR, PIR, Ultrasonic Distance Sensors, FSR, IMU and others with an Arduino board, explained with the help of YouTube videos. It also contains several DIY projects for beginners and aspiring engineers to be implemented using Arduino.

Beginner’s guide to Rasberry Pi

This section starts with a little introduction about the Rasberry Pi single board computer, followed by technical details and different versions of it.

It makes for an interesting read for those who are new to DIY. The book also covers topics like comparing an Arduino to a Raspberry Pi, as well as how to get started with 3D printing.


Terms & Conditions:

– Some of the best things in life are free as they say.  SO, enjoy this guide, GRATIS (free)!


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