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3-Pin Servo Plug Kit

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Quick Overview

Are your servo or speed control wires too long? Save weight by trimming those wires back. This kit allows you to replace the plugs you cut off when shortening the wires and maintain a clean, professional look. This kit contains two 3-pin plugs and 6 crimp-on female connectors.


Product Description

For a typical quadrotor using the built-in BEC in the speed controller (ESC) to power the flight controller, one plug will be used for the ESC providing the power for the board and it will have 3 wires. The other three speed controllers only require the signal wires. These remaining three signal wires can be reduced into one plug creating a clean look and much less airframe clutter.
If you prefer to give each speed control its own plug then you will need two kits for a quadcopter, three for a hex, four for octo, etc.


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