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Rigid Circuit Boards

From single-sided to 30+ multi-layer board, Dragon Circuits (DCI) has been manufacturing RIGID boards over 35 years.  

General Capabilities:

  • Mil-PRF-55110 certification of GF & GI with all etchbacks.
  • Experienced rapid processing of FR4, High-Speed, Ceramics and Teflon materials.
  • Layer counts beyond 24 layers including blind and buried vias.

Single/Double Sided PCB:

  • These are the most common and economical PCBs that are ideal for rapid fabrication.
  • DCI fabricates prototypes, mid-volume and high volume

Multilayer PCB:

  • Multilayer PCBs have been the key success for modern advances in the electronic arena.
  • They provide the versatility of multiple interconnections for through-hole and surface mount applications.
  • DCI fabricates prototypes, mid-volume and high volume of Multilayer PCBs.