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Fire, Search & Rescue

Dragon Drones can provide firefighters with a birds-eye view to help them see where the fire is headed, hotspots behind the fire front, and structures nearby that might be in danger.

Drones can also provide communications relay between the field command center and fire fighters battling the fire in the field, providing actionable data for resourcing and support while greatly reducing the risk to life and property.

Fire fighting activities are often impaired due to thick smoke or darkness. Vision enhancement, such as infrared thermal imaging, increases responders situational awareness, enhancing safety and the ability to make informed decisions.

Applications include:

  • Fire-monitoring support and coordination
  • Damage assessment
  • Hot-spot detection
  • Wildfire mapping
  • Explosive detection
  • Disaster & emergency response
  • Hazardous material investigation
  • Search for suspects and missing persons
  • Search and recovery operations
  • Disaster & emergency response