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Leaders in Unmanned Aviation Technology

Want to manufacture a drone?  Want to design it and build it at our shop?  You can!  Contact us at drones (at) dpcb.com.

We offer comprehensive design and manufacturing consulting services. Please understand that creating your own drone can be as little as a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. These machines are not toys, yet can still offer an amazing experience as a hobbyist, photographer, or commercial user.

We also design, build, test our own line of proprietary drones in the United States of America – everything from the frame to the circuitry.  We are paving the future by creating efficient ways to keep our drones aloft with minimal power exertion.

The Dragon Drones team will help all customers get acquainted with any drone by offering services such as flight school.

We are building drones for many applications.  Click below for more information: