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Electro Plate Circuitry, Inc (EPC), headquartered in the of Texas (USA), is a leading Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Although EPC was founded in 1981, it is considered a new company since an early 2016 Dragon-Circuits_webmerger with Dallas-based PCB powerhouse Dragon Circuits.

Over 35 years, Electro Plate Circuitry has emerged as a leader of high-reliability printed circuit boards and full-turnkey assemblies.  Due to a Lean Six Sigma approach, Electro Plate Circuitry is an efficient, high-end producer of circuit boards and electronics.  At competitive prices and lead times, we can support any prototype and medium, mixed or large production runs.

With more than 250 active customers, EPC specializes in quick turns for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), electronics manufacturing services (EMS), engineering labs and universities in the aerospace, defense, military, medical, industrial, communications, computing, R&D and semiconductor markets.

In 1978, EPC’s Dragon wing acquired the first MIL-P-55110 Certification in Texas and won it’s first contract from Rockwell Collins in Richardson, Texas. Thereafter, EPC forged lasting relationships with various subsidiary of Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, BAE, Northrop Grumman, Texas Instruments, Bell Helicopter, NASA, Honeywell, L-3 Communications and many more.

Examples of our capabilities:

  • Certified AS9100 Quality Management Systems
  • Space Level IPC-6012/3A certification
  • Micro BGA, RF boards
  • Mil-PRF-55110 certification of GF & GI with all etch-backs
  • Mil-P-50884 certification for Flexible or Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Boards
  • Experienced processing of FR4, Polyimide, High-Speed, Dupont, Kapton, Ceramics and Teflon materials
  • Layer counts up to 43 layers including blind and buried vias

Reliability is the key to success, which is why EPC takes pride in quality and on-time delivery.  Over the years EPC has aggregated data that has enhanced our capabilities to produce affordable PCBs swiftly.

EPC has a comprehensive engineering team and facility needed to fabricate any PCB even special requirements such as, Rigid-Flex, Heavy Copper, Metal Core Boards and Burn-in boards.

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Proud NASA Supplier