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EPC Approved for Flight-Ready Applications for NASAnasalogo

August 4, 2016

Electro Plate Circuitry has successfully been audited and approved by NASA-JPL in Pasadena, CA for all space-level, flight ready hardware. What does this mean? This means EPC will earn opportunities to manufacture circuit boards that will directly go into space – on shuttles, satellites and other applications.

Electro Plate Circuitry and Dragon Circuits – Merger Completed!

March 1, 2016

Electro Plate Circuitry and Dragon Circuits have agreed on and completed a merger between the two companies. With combined resources and expertise and clientele in the aerospace and defense industries, this merger has created a newer company with increased capabilities in flex technology, RF circuitry and space-grade electronics.

Dragon Circuits Adds Up-cycled PCBs to Drone Division

June 10, 2014

Since Dragon started their UAV/drone branch earlier this year, the first step to up-cycle scrap material for drones was an obvious one. Vice President Rajan Babaria comments, “Many circuit boards are layered and quite durable. It was clear this would make them a great candidate to be used as a drone frame.”


Dragon Circuits Diversifies with Instagram and Bitcoin

April 9, 2014

Progressive circuit board manufacturer Dragon Circuits announces the implementation of Instagram to track the progress of their drone department, Dragon Drones. The company is also partnering with Coinbase to accept payments via Bitcoin.


Texas-based PCB fabricator Dragon Circuits announces the inception of their latest R&D and manufacturing unit, Dragon Drones.

March 4, 2014

The company’s latest project is led by Dragon Drones CTO Wes Brown who has 30 years of experience in designing and building a variety of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles from micro cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, and quad-, hex-, and octo-copters.  (Read More:  http://www.pcb007.com/pages/zone.cgi?a=98671)


Dragon Circuits creates breakthrough new process:  Pure Gold Liquid Crystal Polymer for Medical Devices

January 20, 2014

Texas-based circuit board manufacturer, Dragon Circuits (DCI) has announced immediate availability of their Pure Gold LCP, 100% pure gold traces plated on liquid crystal polymer (LCP) without the use of copper-base metals.  (Read More:  http://www.pcb007.com/pages/zone.cgi?a=97584)


New Outlook, New Company Name

October 18, 2013

Raj and Gunny Babaria acquired North Texas Circuit Boards and began rebuilding the failing company. After shedding a few longtime employees and investing in new equipment, the two say they are ready to make Dragon Circuits into a twenty-first century technology company. The pair also discuss their drive to make PCBs attractive to the next generation. (Read More:  http://www.pcb007.com/pages/zone.cgi?a=95552)